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Archana Muralidhar

Archana Muralidhar

Account Director
TMP India office

At the heart of TMP are the people. Employee reviews on Glassdoor routinely cite working with “smart people with a ton of experience” as a major pro of the job. In the Employee Spotlight series, we sit down with TMP employees from across the globe to learn more about who they are and what makes them tick. Get to know Archana Muralidhar, Account Director in the TMP India Office.

TMP: When did your TMP career begin?

Archana Muralidhar: June 2008.

TMP: What is your current role and responsibilities and what does your department do?

AM: As an Account Director, I am constantly working with clients as well as with our internal teams to strategize and provide solutions to our clients that will help them achieve their objectives. This involves working and coordinating with teams, mostly across India and the United States, during varied hours.

At the end of the day, the aim is to work together as a single cohesive unit that provides best-in-class services to our clients. As one of the experienced employees from the India team, I have worked in various employer brand-building/localization projects that have included conducting focus group discussions, employee interviews and the like to bring the brand to life.

TMP: What other roles have you had while at TMP?

AM: In the 8+ years that I have been with TMP, I have donned many hats across various functions, such as media strategy, planning and execution. I have tried my hand at creativity with copywriting and providing creative direction to the team (though I must confess that I am definitely not a creative person).

TMP: What advice you would give to new employees?

AM: Considering that we are a small team, the opportunities at TMP India are many. One gets to learn and work across functions if he/she is interested. A copywriter gets an opportunity to work as an account executive/project manager, while an account director may be pitching for new business. In our case, the country head even does site visits across the city to finalize campaign billboards with the client (a job usually done by the media coordinator).

TMP: What is one interesting fact about yourself that co-workers do not know?

AM: With my family, I go on short weekend holidays often, and they are a great stress buster. Cooking various kinds of food interests me, too, and I am looking at developing it as a hobby!

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