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Mary Puglisi

Account Executive
TMP McLean, VA office

At the heart of TMP are the people. Employee reviews on Glassdoor routinely cite working with “smart people with a ton of experience” as a major pro of the job. In the Employee Spotlight series, we sit down with TMP employees from across the globe to learn more about who they are and what makes them tick. Get to know Mary Puglisi, Account Executive in the TMP McLean, VA office.

TMP: When did your TMP career begin?

Mary Puglisi: November 2015.

TMP: Describe your role/responsibilities.

MP: I act as primary point of contact for everyday client support, work on implementing ad placements, compile reporting on media/ad metrics, complete billing needs and requests, and help with project initiation and management. Also, I present deliverables to clients and media, following timelines and guidelines set forth by the client.

TMP: What initially attracted you to apply for your current position at TMP?

MP: After graduating with a degree in Public Relations, but not wanting to actually work specifically in a Public Relations position, this position presented itself as an opportunity for me to broaden my skills, talents and interests.

TMP: Though you’ve been here for a short period of time, what is something new you’ve learned here?

MP: I’ve learned how crucial teamwork and team communications are when working on a set timeline with fixed deadlines. I’ve also learned a lot about how to work with clients in general, and how different the needs are for each client. What you do for one client may be vastly different from what you do for another, and I think that being able to work professionally, efficiently, and respectfully with a wide variety of clients is a great skill to have in any job.

TMP: Where were you working prior?

MP: Actually, I just graduated from Virginia Tech (Go Hokies!) in May of 2015, so this is my first full-time position out of college. However, before I graduated I held a summer internship with the Make-A-Wish Foundation Mid-Atlantic branch in Bethesda, MD, as well as a short internship with Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. in Washington, D.C.

TMP: One interesting fact about yourself that co-workers do not know?

MP: I’m a huge Nationals fan! (and baseball fan in general.) I’ve lived in the Northern VA area my whole life, and all four of my siblings—I’m the fourth of five children—played softball or baseball growing up (one played in college) and my dad played for a few seasons in the minor league. So it’s safe to say we’re happy there is finally a team in our area, even if they do tend to fall into the “DC sports teams giving false hope” category. They’ll bring home the trophy one day.

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