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What It’s Like Working in TMP’s Technology Department

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Your code puts people to work and saves the economy.

No pressure, right?

When the world throws technology challenges at us, we eat them up. And then we ask for more. Welcome to life on the TMP technology team. Here, you’ll work on our scalable, evolving platform, face tremendous software challenges, and work on projects for several Fortune 100 clients.

Last year, we had more than 250 million visitors to our sites, and we currently house more than 2 million jobs. Both of those numbers keep going up.

Everything you do will help people around the world connect with careers and help fuel the global economy. This is the ever-changing world of candidate recruitment. And this is where your coding skills will be in the middle of everything.

Operating in both Windows and Linux environments, we don’t just throw the easiest or most obvious choice at the problem. We built our software platforms to find the best solution for each job.

That’s why we utilize MVC for web-based applications and why we chose a scalable product like RabbitMQ so our distributed internal systems can communicate asynchronously.

That’s also why you’ll work with Redis to cache controller responses, MongoDB to store unstructured data in a distributed fashion, and Luigi to load session data into Big Query.

And these are just some of the tools you’ll use to help us roll out new features and connect candidates around the world to the career they need. Want to learn more about life at TMP? Want to keep the global economy moving forward? Explore these opportunities.

We understand that job fulfillment comes from job support. That’s why we offer a comprehensive benefits package that includes:

  • 21 days of PTO during your first year of employment (10 Company Paid Holidays and your Birthday)
  • Health, Dental & Vision coverage for you and your family
  • Short and Long Term Disability coverage and Basic Life Insurance for you
  • Competitive Compensation Package
  • 401(k) Plan
  • Monthly team leisure events
  • Great coworkers

So who are the people you’ll be working alongside? Hear from team members across TMP’s robust technology department.

1. How would you describe a typical day as a TMP developer/engineer/architect?

“There is rarely a day that goes by that I am not learning something new.”
-Michael S., Director of UI Design and Development

“My day is varied which is exactly what I enjoy! From meetings to coding to troubleshooting, I pack a lot into each day. I’m always collaborating and learning. I work on projects and "bounce" between working with the team on product UI (CHQ), TalentBrew implementations and career sites. I love this in- between place in which I can continue to grow my knowledge and skills in a multitude of arenas and technologies.” –Sherrie C., Senior UI Developer

“The typical day involves solving client and product problems, working through possible solutions by means of interactive prototypes, and staying on top of UX and Tech development and news.” –Christina V., UX Designer

“Enlightening. There is rarely a day that goes by that I’m not learning something new. I find ways to apply my learnings to my skill set and workflow. As a developer, being immersed in this kind of environment is important for continued growth.” –Michael S., Director of UI Design and Development

TMP Worldwides New Albany Indiana office

2. What’s unique about working as a developer/engineer/architect at TMP?

“We’re developing real commercial software products and dealing with legitimate issues of scale – issues that not a lot of companies have the opportunity to work on.” –Chad H., Software Architect

“The nature of TMP’s business models means that we interface with so many third party systems and data that creating a single version of truth is both interesting and challenging.” –Brian B., Business Intelligence Architect

“I like that our schedules are flexible, we can work from home or in our office which is located in a really cool location.” –Paul H., Software Architect

“I really like that developers are not swamped with meetings all day. This gives us a chance to work on the important things.” –Fatema Z., Front End Developer

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3. What projects are you working on that you’re most excited about?

“I’m using as much of my free time as possible to study MVC and various JS techniques (AngularJS at the moment).” –Filip W., Front-End Developer

“I am presently working with ElasticSearch (ES), building the various indices that are used to perform search. It is the most abstract and difficult technology that I have ever worked on. If I were in another company I would never have had the opportunity to work with ES. I knew nothing about it. All I had was a strong work ethic and a passion for solving problems. I was given the opportunity and I took full advantage of it.” –Michael W., Software Engineer

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4. What gets you excited about coming to work?

“I make good money doing something I’m good at, and I’m getting even better as time goes on. The visible growth is really exciting” –Willy A., UX Designer

“The people! The culture!” –Sherrie C., Senior UI Developer

“The technology. As a woman, I’m so proud that I work in this industry as the statistics show the number of women in this field, not only don’t add up, but are dwindling.” –Fatima N., Software Engineer

5. What do you like best about TMP’s Tech/Software Stack?

“Our system handles a lot of traffic, it is good to have hands-on experience handling scaling.” – Paul H., Software Architect

“We have a reasonably diverse tech stack. Over the past year we have found inventive ways to pair open source technologies with our Microsoft stack.” –Paul C., Director of Product Architecture

“I like that I can learn a lot on the job. I can attend a conference or read an article and say "yes, I have experience with that" and actually contribute back to the online tech community as an active Stack/Reddit/etc. contributor, helping other people by answering their questions or discussing implementation ideas.” –John A., Database Architect

“We use a lot of new open source technologies (MongoDB, ElasticSearch, RabbitMQ etc.) with more established ones like (.Net, Microsoft Windows, Linux etc.)” –PJ S., Database Engineer

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